About Us

Soccer betting is a beautiful way to follow and enjoy our favorite sport. It gives us an additional thrill while trying to win some money, improving one’s quality of life. The only problem is that winning money by betting could be not just difficult but also dangerous – it’s much more complicated than you think. According to the stats, a considerable percentage of the people who bet regularly are losing their money. That’s because you need specific skills and knowledge to beat the bookies. And few people have it.

Here at VipFixedBets.com, we successfully built a team of professional tipsters who do soccer betting for a living. They prepare enormously for each game they make a prediction for. Our tipsters are perfectly aware of how to analyze crucial aspects such as current form, injuries and suspensions, motivation, dressing room atmosphere, past meetings, etc. You should know that every little detail in soccer betting could decide a game. You can’t win if you’re not prepared for each of them.

We like to look at soccer betting as it is a science. Many bettors do it for fun as they bet on their favorite teams to win. It could be fun, but it’s certainly not something to bring you money in the long term. That’s when you need to decide – will you continue to do it for fun, or will you get serious about it? Suppose you’re ready to bring your game to the next level – it means it’s time for you to trust the professionals.

At VipFixedBets.com, we have assembled the perfect team of four unstoppable tipsters. They have different backgrounds, but they are all connected to soccer in one way or another. One of them is a former professional soccer player, while we also have people who used to be journalists. One thing connects them, though – they know how the bookies work. For them, it’s enough to take just one look at how the odds change to determine how a particular game will end. It takes years of experience to develop such an instinct, but this separates them from the rest – their knowledge of the betting game.

There’s no reason to be humble here – VipFixedBets.com is one of the best professional tipster services in the world. It’s not just words – our record proves it. Our company’s primary goal is to improve your betting experience considerably and make it possible for you to win regularly. It’s enough to look at our subscription plans and choose the one that fits you best. We will do the rest of the work while you sit comfortably, waiting for your profits to arrive.

A quick tip: look at our tipsters’ pages and see what kind of service they offer. They are experts in different aspects of sports betting. Some flourish in the 1X2, while others are better in Under/Over, Handicaps, and all other kinds of bets. What you need here is to choose the best service for your current intentions. You can easily calculate what kind of profit you should expect as well.

Follow every day what’s happening at VipFixedBets.com: special offers, discounts, bonuses, etc. Be sure to use them because they are worthy – we promise you that. We live in challenging times, so the perfect time to win some money is now. But most likely, you need the help of the experts. Don’t worry about that – we got you covered. What we are selling here is a success. Would you be one of the customers?